Recuperation in Life Helped Brynjar Ágústsson Better His Digital Digital Photography

Healing in Life Helped Brynjar Ágústsson Better His Photography

I simply lately assessed a quote that made me consider my life’s value. I can’t remember what the exact words were, yet it other than went like this: “Both vital days of your life are the day you are birthed along with the day you find out why.” Basic on its own, yet engaging. What do we, as individuals, definitely dream to obtain in our lives. This isn’t concerning a purpose. We cross various transforming factors along the journey of life, yet getting to conclusion of them isn’t the aspect is it? It’s what we do along the roadway that definitely concerns, along with uncovering that out is very important per individuals. Despite being an electronic professional photographer for close to 3 years, it was after numerous years that Brynjar Ágústsson situated his purpose in electronic photography. Which understanding followed he began working out mindfulness along with representation.

As a resident of the country of Iceland, a requirement to picture its landscapes came early to Brynjar Ágústsson. Over years of being afraid of its various sights, he has really been using various stages in his electronic photography. Numerous of these begun with taking approximate photos. Succeeding stages involved bring to life others’ desires along with ideas with his camera. There was a constant yet consistent innovation of his art along with technical capabilities. The hope was to create real along with deliberate task to supply his creativities a vision. Nonetheless, at the beginning of his occupation, he had issue with creating photos that were higher than merely a picture of the scenes prior to him.

It was simply when Brynjar Ágústsson began working out mindfulness along with representation that he began to find his inner voice. “I truly felt a great deal flexibility, like my finds were going through a resetting treatment along with entering a state of total understanding where I could use a great deal even more of my finds,” he declares to us.

It looked like looking right into various layers of the land where all 4 facets of atmosphere incorporated right into once along with location that created my image. It took me previous my mind’s understanding along with call for to take a look at all factors where it released my creativity from any type of sort of outside influence along with suggestions, principles, along with symbols, along with the results can create an art which contains value.

Brynjar Ágústsson

The Crucial Photo Devices Used By Brynjar Ágústsson

Brynjar educated us:

Sometimes I collaborate with a little airplane to take me to some places right below in Iceland where there is no exceptional get to by vehicle or drone. Usualy im air-borne catching for 5 to 6 humans resources each time.

The Phoblographer: This task is truly different from your different other task consisting of water. These photos are a great deal much more peaceful along with unwinded. What was the suggestions behind the I Ð A task?

Brynjar Ágústsson: The collection I Ð A was taken at Dettifoss drops in northeast Iceland. Water, color, along with light are the facets seen aware. The collection is the end result of the image I did formerly on, called Redemption seen right below listed here.

Numerous years back, I was intrigued by Carl Gustav Jung’s magazines, along with I spent a good deal of time investigating his idea concerning archetypes, needs, along with value. Since, it has really wound up being rather easy for me to see the honest world around me as a symbol, like in a need. Along with it came totally when I check out “The Hero’s Journey” by Joseph Campbell. This assisted me to tell in a picture. As I see photos today, I positioned them in 3 key teams, along with I’m merely doing this to simplify them. I’m It resembles it is my extremely own hero journey of progressing in this visual craft. It is merely precisely just how I see it…in the meanwhile. 

The safe formula catches:

A photo of something great does not constantly make a picture great. It is truly common today to see people on favored taking a trip areas using their pocket cameras to sophisticated cameras along with devices to tape-record the beauty along with make the hero/selfie discharged with the famous landscape as a history. Along with after going through cosmetic technique treatment, the image is revealed as a design or entertainment factor on social networks websites. The signs and symptom of this can in addition appear in the meant wow aspect postcard shots that are so favored today. Sometimes prominent facets like hillsides are prolonged, along with in many cases the image is a composite from a number of photos. My guideline in electronic photography is “definitely nothing is optimal or wrong”; be withstand adequate to try new factors. Along with in many cases, it is difficult to see when people get stuck at some stage for an extended period of time without identifying what exists ahead of time in innovation along with what is previous merely aesthetic understanding along with positioning a great deal creative power right into technique factors.


Afterwards the image telling where the hero story/shot is most common, which is truly affordable because of the reality that it corresponds facets that are utilized in several tales, movie, along with in various marketing tasks today. B creating a story, we satisfy the mind’s need to create some value inside the image structure by connecting to unnaturally created structures of ideological history along with desire created over generations. All these facets have a voice along with have something to state, along with the link is the secret right below in between facets. A hero is simply a hero in a collaboration with one more point. It is not by himself. He requires to be preserving people or something or sustaining in its location from time, weather, or different other facets. And also after that, it establishes some contrast aware in between life along with death, rise and fall, along with light along with dark.

Into the unknown:

Nonetheless when we have the digestive tracts to march from our visual understanding bubble, we will definitely start to sense/see a much larger honest world to play in. We will definitely begin to see an impartial world that is not affixed to anything – it merely is. Our mind will definitely not like it because of the reality that we are beginning the treatment of eliminating all the tags of checking out along with judgment. We can call it create, pattern, or abstract. We will definitely start to see it, yet our minds can not identify what we see because of the reality that we are a great deal much more sticking to the second sight or the finds that has definitely nothing to do with the attraction of the mind with researching. Along with it is the extremely the very least remarkable for many people because of the reality that it requires a degree of exposure for the site visitor.

What is seen in the above image is the Dettifoss drops in northeast Iceland. Water is defined, according to Jung’s idea, as sensations together with being divided right into vapor, water, along with ice, together with framework along with color. Along with in this image, the harsh brown water plays out as the hero along with is a symbol for all our sensations in today’s circumstances.

The location over has plenty of blue along with dark water spray along with can be a symbol for our interior darkness (black) along with trendy (blue) sensation of understanding in our community environment along with in the location. By some value, it is in addition the undesirable location aware along with is generally the location for the site visitor to filled with his innovative creativity along with value.

The last element is the light from above, which can be a symbol of hope or redemption, along with without a doubt compassion along with loving-kindness.

The Phoblographer: what attracts you along with your camera to water? What is the mystifying visitor destination that makes you desire to picture it?

Brynjar Ágústsson: Water has really continuously interested me because of the reality that it is so dynamic along with can have various types. It impacts countless different other facets in nature that I picture along with can be an allegory for various factors. The start of a great deal of the water that runs along with types the land is defrosted 800 years old glacier water.

Water is amongst the 4 key facets, along with we have 3 phases of it right below in Iceland – ice, water, along with vapor. It is so easy to use it to connect to nature. There is a declaring right below in Iceland as there is a truth that the English language progressed from the old Norse language, which is close to the Icelandic language.

Before Christianity concerned Iceland, there was paganism, or as some would definitely state, shamanism worked out right below. To do so, numerous of them did regimens in nature to connect with numerous facets of nature. If it was a water element that they were connecting with, afterwards a regimen was done near a huge sea wave or a drops. So there is a principle that the Icelandic word “foss,” which indicates drops, is the start of words “stress” that we have in English presently.

Photo by: Brynjar Ágústsson Digital digital photography – (

The Phoblographer: Is it an all-year experience or for a specific element of the year that the drops are so wild?

Brynjar Ágústsson: In this specific river, the water stems from a melting glacier, which is usually a great deal much more numerous in the summer.

Photo by: Brynjar Ágústsson Digital digital photography – (

The Phoblographer: When you’re driving/walking towards these areas, what suggestions are generally undertaking your mind?

Brynjar Ágústsson: When walking to the location, I’m working out a ‘electronic professional photographers’ aware representation’ as I call it. The purpose is to eliminate an energetic mind or all principles concerning the place I’m going into. The idea is that if we take one hillside along with 3 people see it, everyone has their actual own point of view on what is translucented the filter created out of identifying along with experience. So the only factor we see is that, not capital. Sometimes I ask my clients in a photo workshop simply exactly how to release a hillside, along with several have no concept what I show.

So a superb effort to see a lot more is to remove the mind of all principles we have concerning what will certainly be seen. So to do so, we simply require to put our concentrate on one more point. Potentially our breath, or what we pay attention to, or simply exactly how the wind is touching us.

Photo by: Brynjar Ágústsson Digital digital photography – (

The Phoblographer: These shots are extremely comfortably placed. Precisely just how close (or otherwise) to the drops are you when you photo them?

Brynjar Ágústsson: As close as I can probably to the drops. I use a prolonged lens from over to place different types along with movements of the water. It is difficult for me to review simply exactly how I see factors, yet everything is merely a numerous thick power that continues to be in task along with completely stability. Nonetheless when I positioned numerous of this power within the structure, I require to make this stability myself. Nature itself continues to be completely stability.

Photo by: Brynjar Ágústsson Digital digital photography – (

The Phoblographer: What sort of preventative procedures are you calling for to preserve your devices (along with by yourself) safe while photographing these all-natural wonders?

Brynjar Ágústsson: Well, I assume it is merely in my nature to use my audio judgment along with positioned the safety and security on auto-pilot. This element in me progressed when I jumped on a rescue team for twenty years or more along with in skies diving for one years. I have really seen various human errors, along with I assume I have really gotten from them.

Photo by: Brynjar Ágústsson Digital digital photography – (

The Phoblographer: “Duality is needed for anything to attach.” educate us a lot more concerning this poetic affirmation of your very own. Precisely just how does it place on your electronic photography along with your life?

Brynjar Ágústsson: I could develop a magazine concerning this subject, yet I will definitely mention merely a little concerning it right below. Amongst my expressions is, “The outside reality is merely a depiction of my interior reality.” In order for “appropriate below” to exist, there requires to be a “there.” The within has no value unless the outside in addition does. So excitement along with growth require to do their operate in this matrix world of mirrors to make sure that all interactions can take place.

I have really concerned the understanding of this after numerous years of representation approaches along with doing various Ayahuasca sessions. The reaction dance technicality is something we can be embeded, along with because of this we see the precise very same factor in the precise very same (groundhog) implies continuously, unless we use along with do some mind task. Nonetheless as I see factors presently, reality has various layers like an onion along with below each of our tags is the real-real factor.

Because of this my tendency presently is to take this visual craft to the frontier of understanding. Or making photos without facets. Making photos without facets that the mind can promptly determine or identify. By doing this, the image establishes a great deal even more queries than remedies. As a result of the reality that when we look into this kind of task, we can’t use our minds to view as well as define, yet we require to use our finds to see.

Photo by: Brynjar Ágústsson Digital digital photography – (

In addition to love, concern, along with compassion, I felt it resembled I stayed in a treatment of healing where various old layers of principles along with suggestions were released from me

Brynjar Ágústsson

All photos by Brynjar Ágústsson. Taken advantage of with approval. Explore his website together with his Behance website. Plan to be consisted of also? Take a look at right below to see simply exactly how.

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