‘Everybody Needed a Marvel of Recouping’

‘We All Need a Miracle of Healing’

After a long time, the opportunity created for the Seventh-day Adventist Church to once again send a clergyman to the chaplaincy service in the armed force of the Czech Republic. Taking into consideration that October 2020, Tomáš Harastej has in fact entered into the 15th Developer Program in Bechyn as a military priest. Harastej is joined as well as likewise the father of 2 children. He was simply lately talked with worrying his task as well as likewise its collaboration to the objective of the church.

Tom, originally I want to ask, simply exactly how did God call you to the training work?

This is an incredibly difficult problem to attend to briefly, as well as likewise at the precise very same time it is rather specific. As well as likewise I don’t want the action to be some claiming. The problem of God’s calling—I believe that God called me to be a preacher, yet in retrospect I am uncertain simply exactly how it took place. My option in addition added there.

You have in fact worked as a clergyman in various locations. Could you call the locations where you have supplied as well as likewise notify us which area of the training ministry is closest to you?

I started my preaching ministry in the participants in Suchdol nad Odrou, afterwards I spent the lengthiest time in Olomouc, Prostějov, as well as likewise actually swiftly in Brno. I believe that I have in fact obtained spiritual presents from God, in addition to in addition a great trust from God. Nevertheless, as a young, vain preacher, I generally used this endowment for factors apart from recognizing God as well as likewise the bible worrying Him. In retrospect, I think that the closest area of my ministry requirement to have actually been application as well as likewise time bought humbleness before God. Yet I remember all the locations actually carefully, as a result of the truth that anywhere I satisfied in fact incredibly distinct people from whom I could uncover as well as likewise draw in from. I have charming memories. 

In the previous 15 years, there has in fact been a significant surge in the selection of priests that run behind bars as well as likewise clinical centers. You selected to run in the armed force. What identified you to do this ministry?

Absolutely, I bless the Adventist Church for allowing me to enter this ministry after various conversations worrying it. I could declare I went for it as a result of the truth that it was a challenge, as a result of the truth that throughout that time our church did not have a priest in the armed force. Or I could declare that I needed a huge change in my life, which would definitely be true likewise. There are various aspects. Possibly the best change came when my partner very maintained me after seriously wishing worrying it. She educated me that God responded to her problem worrying His will definitely with a specific service, which was “yes” to being a military priest. After that, I did not hesitate. It was such a confirmation that it was an exceptional option which God would definitely recognize me in this ministry.

It is acknowledged that preparation help service in the armed force is calling for not simply for workers yet in addition for priests. Can you specify what troubles you required to satisfy as well as likewise what was expected of you before you started your job?

As priests, we need to carry out specifically the precise very same preparation job as any type of type of numerous other soldier that joins the armed force. So, it was rather calling for training, as well as likewise later various work training programs, such as a law enforcement agent program. I think all the training programs as well as likewise education and learning and also discovering we take were interesting as well as likewise meeting. At the precise very same time, we require to pass health and fitness exams and so forth. Among others factors, we in addition require to opt for a reasonably extensive psychological examination.

What does your routine working day look like?

The priest, by the nature of his setup, enters into the leader’s specific employees. So, he participates in various meetings, employees councils, and so forth. Leaders generally declare that the primary warrant police officer, the priest, as well as likewise the psycho specialist are his right-hand guy, especially when it worries his technique to people. There are a lot of those people. Specifically, our program, which has 3 armadas, has a little bit above a thousand people, or soldiers, if you will.

Every day is numerous. The product of the day generally contains participation in some meetings. The meetings are in fact incredibly effective, as well as likewise it is expected that people will definitely prepare as well as likewise existing their repayments.

I have information conversations with people I have in fact been asked to talk with. I generally do a worths workshop for information groups, as well as likewise I participate as a priest in some training.

Commonly, the leader sends us to go where soldiers are uploaded as well as likewise revitalize tips as well as likewise understandings. Concerning every 2 weeks, I do an option in the local church. Sometimes, I use speeches at information celebrations, as well as likewise operate as moderator or sound speaker at funeral solutions as well as likewise wedding event occasions.

What is the difference in between chaplaincy as well as likewise pastoral work?

Amongst the crucial differences is that people I am listed below for as a priest are mainly those that consider themselves meant non-believers. I think that the nonreligious setup is added “adaptable” as well as likewise accepting of human mistakes. It is normally added flexible. Unlike a priest, a clergyman is definitely under a lot more stress and anxiety to be a layout of quality, to be ideal, etc.

Yet I think the internet link in between a church as well as likewise a nonreligious setup is that in both, you have “unwell” people. Every person are, in a sensation, ill. From my point of view, it is crucial not to play medical professionals as well as likewise experts yet to send out that the only real physician is God which everybody call for a marvel of healing—the society around us, the church, in addition to in addition ourselves.

Priests do not have it really simple at all. There is big stress and anxiety on them from stress not from God. Yet I would definitely like us to see the preacher as well as likewise the priest as equal servants of God with everything that originates from humanity on this world. The simply one changing human lives need to be God as well as likewise His love.

The preliminary variant of this story was submitted by the Czech-Slovak Union Workshop.

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